Spamcc Pro 3.0

Receive the e-mail that is relevant to you

Spamcc Pro is a powerful, safe spam filter. It can help you block spam and pick up useful e-mail from your inbox. Spamcc Pro automatically and simultaneously checks and retrieves your e-mail messages from multiple accounts, such as POP3, IMAP, Hotmail, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Gmail. It's easy to set up and no additional configuration required. With the program, you can preview message, save attachments, delete unwanted messages directly.

Spamcc Pro uses Bayesian analysis technology to detect spam. You can train it to learn what you consider spam and what you consider legitimate e-mail. The more you train, the more effective it becomes. Other filter features include Friends List (import from Outlook, Outlook Express, and MSN Messenger), Blacklist, Country Blocking and customizable filters. The unique grouping filter enables you to view grouped messages from family, friends and workmates and other categories. Spamcc Pro can trace e-mail and show geographical location of sender, validate the message is from the location you expect.